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  • 10-Deacetylbaccatin III
10-Deacetylbaccatin III

10-Deacetylbaccatin III

  • CAS Number :32981-86-5
  • Product description: Jiwan Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd, a global supplier of 10-Deacetylbaccatin III (10-DAB III) | CAS:32981-86-5. We offers 10-Deacetylbaccatin III for your requirements of RND / Development quant

Appearance:Off-white to white powder


Molecular formula:C29H36NO10
Molecular weight:544.60

10-Deacetylbaccatin III (10-DAB III) | CAS:32981-86-5, 10-Deacetylbaccatin III Suppliers, Manufacturers, China 10-Deacetylbaccatin III

Package:1kg/bag 5kg/bag 20kg/drum

10-Deacetylbaccatins are a series of closely related natural organic compounds isolated from the yew tree (Genera Taxus). 10-Deacetylbaccatin III is a precursor to the anti-cancer drug docetaxel (Taxotere).

10-deacetylbaccatin III 10-O-acetyltransferase converts 10-deacetylbaccatin to baccatin III:

acetyl-CoA + 10-deacetylbaccatin III ⇌ CoA + baccatin III



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