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About us

Jiwan Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd, located in beautiful Spring City-Jinan, is a high-tech pharmaceutical company, specializing in R&D, Taxus extraction technology and production.

The company has outstanding management team and experienced professional technical team, strict quality standard , and ensure the stable quality of product and improvement.

Our main products are IPTG, Paclitaxel, 10-DAB III and Docetaxel. With the continuous expansion of  business, Jiwan has built a strategic cooperation with many domestic and international companies. Now our products can be found in India, USA, UK, Spain, France, Canada, Japan, Australia, Dubai etc.

We are looking forward to promoting great cooperative relationships with customers from all over the world!




Phone: 86-531-55519016

Tel: 86-531-55519016

Email: jiwanpharm@qq.com contact@jiwanpharm.com

Add: No. 1222 West Aoti Road, Lixia District,Jinan City,Shandong Province,China

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